XL Cold Plunge - No Chiller

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Just the premium inflatable cold plunge tub (no chiller).

Includes: DuraFlate™ Puncture-Proof Inflatable Cold Plunge Tub, Dual Action Air Pump, DuraFlate™ Cold Plunge Cover, adjustable valves,  and Cold Plunge Travel Backpack.  Dimensions - 50" long X 34" wide X 28" tall.

The SUBZERO cold plunge is the most advanced cold water immersion therapy system available on the market. It is an innovative way to quickly and safely immerse yourself in ice water for therapeutic benefits - helping you feel better faster!

1 Year warranty

Cold Plunge Features

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Equipped with .8HP premium chiller & heater, while other brands have a .25HP chiller (no heater). Making our chiller more efficient and faster at cooling or heating to your ideal temperature.

Heats up to 107°F and cools down to 39°F