Our Story


Tim was an executive at a Fortune 500 company and a former MMA fighter. Prior to founding SUBZERO owned a stock tank pool business where residential and commercial clients kept requesting smaller stock tanks for the sole purpose of plunging. These metal troughs were clunky, uncomfortable, and downright barbaric! They also required daily upkeep and constant replenishment of ice.

There had to be a better way...

After researching the cold plunge market they found its leaders and wanted to test their products but were met with an immediate challenge...waiting 12 to 15+ weeks for deliveries!

With 3 month long delivery times it was really tough to test and compare the existing cold plunges, but it was necessary and after a year of stringent testing, perfecting the manufacturing process, and making improvements to the supply-chain SUBZERO was born.

SubZero improved on already existing designs (there's not much you can really do to a tub), and focused on internal components as well as durability to deliver the best and most comfortable ice plunging experience without the ice or a 3 month wait!

Today SUBZERO is proud to help athletes, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and health nuts all over America unlock their potential through cold water immersion.