PRO POD Cold Plunge with Chiller & Heater

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Introducing the SUBZERO PRO POD , the ultimate cold water immersion therapy system that goes beyond the ordinary. Engineered with state-of-the-art features and unparalleled benefits, this revolutionary system transforms your wellness routine like never before.

Advanced Technology for Optimal Performance: Equipped with a digital display and a user-friendly WIFI remote application, the SUBZERO PLUNGE offers effortless control over your therapy sessions. Adjust temperature settings, set timers, and customize your experience with just a few taps on your smartphone.

Rapid Cooling Power:  Powered by a robust .8 Horsepower (HP) chiller, the SUBZERO PLUNGE boasts accelerated water cooling up to 4 times faster than other systems on the market. Say goodbye to long waiting times and dive into your cold water therapy sessions with minimal delay.

Versatile Temperature Range: With the ability to maintain temperatures from a refreshing 37° to a soothing 107° for hot tub mode, the SUBZERO PLUNGE offers versatility like no other. Whether you prefer invigorating cold plunges or relaxing hot tub sessions, this system adapts to your every need.

Comprehensive Filtration and Sanitization: The SUBZERO Chiller features 2 Phase Filtration, ozone sanitization, and 20 Micron filtration, ensuring clean and hygienic water for every plunge. Say hello to pure, crystal-clear water that enhances your therapy experience.

Streamlined and Convenient Design: Carefully engineered for optimal efficiency and convenience, the SUBZERO Acrylic Pod is a testament to luxury and functionality. Standing at 69" long, 30" wide, and 26" tall, it is fully insulated to maintain your desired temperature, ensuring each session is consistently enjoyable. The inclusion of a durable leather foldable insulated cover, paired with 2 inlet and 2 bi-directional outlets, enhances durability and usability. Illuminating your experience is an integrated LED light, elevating ambiance to new heights. With a 1/2" inlet/outlet for chiller hookup and a separate quick drain plug featuring an open/close valve, maintenance is effortless, promising a hassle-free immersion therapy experience.

Plug-and-Play Convenience: No plumbing required - simply plug in the SUBZERO PLUNGE and immerse yourself in a refreshing cold plunge experience whenever you desire. It's the perfect addition to any home or wellness facility, offering hassle-free installation and instant relaxation.

Peace of Mind Warranty: Backed by a reliable 1-year warranty, the SUBZERO PLUNGE ensures worry-free usage and long-lasting performance. Dive into your wellness journey with confidence, knowing that you're supported every step of the way.

Elevate your wellness routine with the SUBZERO PLUNGE and experience the transformative benefits of cold water immersion therapy like never before.

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Cold Plunge Features

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Equipped with .8HP premium chiller & heater, while other brands have a .25HP chiller (no heater). Making our chiller more efficient and faster at cooling or heating to your ideal temperature.

Heats up to 107°F and cools down to 39°F