Acrylic Cold Plunge- Plunge only

Sale price$5,999.00

SUBZERO  Acrylic Tub 

**This is the Acrylic tub only, chiller not included**

Acrylic Tub Specs-Dimensions - 70" long X 31" wide X 21" tall. Fully insulated to hold maintain temperature assisted with a robust foldable insulated cover.

No Plumbing Required. Just plug in and take a cold plunge!

Current lead time is 2-4 weeks

 1 Year warranty

Style: Cold Plunge

Cold Plunge Features

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Equipped with .8HP premium chiller & heater, while other brands have a .25HP chiller (no heater). Making our chiller more efficient and faster at cooling or heating to your ideal temperature.

Heats up to 107°F and cools down to 39°F